Benefits for Drivers

What are the benefits of the SMART Driving Training Programme?


The Smart Driving programme will increase your level of professionalism and make you a bigger asset to your employer.  

HGV drivers who enrol in the Smart Driving programme will get: 

  • Increased levels of professionalism  
  • Increased levels of employability 
  • Developed skills for promoting vehicle, driver, and load safety 
  • Increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance 
  • Enhanced satisfaction of driving 
  • Reduced driver stress  


This programme will help the transport industry recruit new people into being a HGV driver and elevate this career into a choice that more young people might consider.

SMART Driving will help drivers deal with this new world while best availing of and utilising the new technologies and practises all around us. This upskilling programme will help drivers get a better understanding of their modern work environment and equipment, thus helping to create a safer and compliant delivery of service.

I look forward to both Driver's and Transport operators engaging with this upskilling opportunity, allowing for feedback from both inside and outside the cab, which can then feed into this course, helping it to evolve to meet an ever-changing landscape of technology and regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do register for a SMART Driving programme?

Contact for more information.

What are the benefits for employers?

Employers who enrol their HGV drivers in the SMART Driving programme will benefit from immediate and positive impacts to your business.

These include: 

  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced fuel emissions
  • Improved profit margins
  • Increased resale value of your fleet
  • Developed organisational health and safety culture
What are the benefits for drivers?

The SMART Driving programme will increase your level of professionalism and make you a bigger asset to your employer. 

HGV drivers who enrol in the SMART Driving programme will get:

  • Increased levels of professionalism 
  • Increased levels of employability
  • Developed skills for promoting vehicle, driver, and load safety
  • Increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance
  • Enhanced satisfaction of driving
  • Reduced driver stress
How is this programme funded?

The SMART Driving programme is funded though the SOLAS ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ Fund.

Developed by Mayo Sligo Leitrim ETB (MSLETB), Waterford and Wexford ETB (WWETB) in collaboration with the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA), the Smart Driving programme supports the Government’s Future Jobs Ireland Programme 2020 objectives of:

Transitioning to a low carbon economy

Embracing technological change

Improving SME and workforce productivity

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